Analysis of Game Design

In this post I am going to write about games that have influenced the industry, the games I have chosen are…

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the fourth installment of the CActivision.svgall of Duty series of video games. However this was the first game to include what would be he norm for the following games of the series. This game included the multiplayer function where player go against each other in combat, the game was published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward.

The series was designed to be played with gaming controllers, the differenCall of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.jpgt functions were carefully planned to work with controllers. The game was designed to appeal to people who are over the age of 18 but we all know that it’s not only people of that age. This was the game which mainly started the hype for the following Call of Duty games and meant that a younger audience was getting into the game, from then the games have started to become more bright and futuristic… moving away from the realistic setting of war that the first installments created. The games seem to keep their ratings but seem to cater to their younger audience. Moving away from that this years installment Call of Duty WWII moves back to the roots and puts player back into a setting of war.


Rockstar games have released some amazing games, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and Bully. However the game which came out with the most hypRockstar Games Logo.svge and controversy is Grand Theft Auto V. This game released 17 September 2013 for PS3 and XBOX 360 and made $18,000,000 revenue in the first 24 hours selling over 11,000,000 copies. The game came with praise from many people and criticism from others with the games having missions of torture and the image the game gives on women. Even Target removed the game from the shelves of 300 stores around America. With the game coming out before the release of the PS4 and the XBOX One the games were re-released on 18 November 2014 with the PC version being released on 14 April 2015.

The series is designed for people over 18 and Rockstar don’t hide thaGrand Theft Auto V.pngt with the amount of guns, drug use and violence within the games. However they are currently making their games mainly for people who are under 18. GTA V has had the most criticism for the content in the game with claims of a bad image for women and even for a certain mission to be removed from the game. There is a mission in GTA V in which you kidnap someone and torture them for information, this was quickly noticed and was criticized by politicians and charity groups. Despite this the game is still going strong and is highly regarded as one of the best Grand Theft Auto games to be released.


Nintendo is one of the largest game companies in the world with it’s headquarters based in Kyoto, Japan. They originally started hand-making playing cards in 1889 when the company was founded. In the 1970s they started developing video games. They mainly made games that were 2D but in 1996 they released their first 3D platformer game, Super Mario 64.

The Mario series of games have always been catered towards a wide audience. They have always had simple mechanics






Model Research

I have chosen a fantasy theme for my model, this would be making something that would be in Lord of the Rings or games like Skyrim. This means that I would have to look at different things from these types of movies and games to get a final idea.

I have decided to make a weapon or something that would be used in battle. This lead me to look at different weapons like swords and battleaxes. I have also looked at different styles or weapons to take aspects from them to make a weapon look better than it would. I have also been looking at shields, I have been looking through shields from different games like Dark Souls, Skyrim and Zelda. I can take different aspects of each of these shields and make something which is a mix of each of them.

shield research

weapon research


Normal Maps

Normal maps are seen as newer versions on bump maps, the similarity being that both create fake detail onto the mesh. A normal map uses RGB information which correlates with the XYZ axis, these tell the program the direction of the surfaces. The most commonly used is called a Tangent Space normal map, this uses a mixture of purples and blues.

Image result for normal maps

Displacement Maps

Displacement maps are used to detail for low resolution meshes. these maps are created with grey-scale values, you can use 8-bit displacement maps but quality is better when using 16 or 32-bit displacement map. Although these have the best quality displacement maps can be hard on your system, this means that the render time will be longer than using other maps.

Image result for displacement maps

Bump Maps

Bump maps create detail that is fake, they create an illusion of depth using a simple light trick. Bump maps are grey-scale images that are confined to 8-bits of colour information, that means that there are only 256 different colours of black, white or grey. when grey the maps doesn’t show any detail at all however when pushing up to the white the map starts to show more detail and will pull out from the surface. These maps are better for making small details like wrinkles on skin.

Image result for bump maps

Bouncy Ball (Unity)

I have been working on a ball in Unity, this ball had a base code which allowed it to bounce up and down as high as I wanted it to be. Since then I have been given the task of making my own twist for the ball to put into a scene with others that people have made.


The first thirteen lines of code is the base code which allows the ball to bounce up and down, the extra lines of code is what I have added. These lines allow me to play an audio file, because the code is below the OnCollisionEnter line the sound file plays when the ball bounces on the floor of the scene.

Building Site

I have been working in a team to make a low-poly scene. I have been asked to make a few models for this scene…

Model Renders.pngI have created an office that are generally found on building sites. I created it by making a cube and extruding the edges of the shape to make an office looking cabin.

The next model I have created is a bin, I started with a cube and hollowed it out to make a bin.

I then created a porta-potty, I made this with a cube, I then beveled the edges to make them rounded and changed some of the faces to make it look like one.

To continue I was given the job of making a skip and some rocks. I made the skip by creating a cuboid and extruded the top face outwards. I then extruded the faces of some parts and created a rim around the bin of the objects, finally I dropped the middle out and created the final skip. To make the rocks I made two spheres and changed that amount of faces, I then extruded some of the faces and created two different rocks.

To finish off I was asked to make a cinder block. I started by having a cuboid and removed four different faces to leave two holes in the shape. I then created faces using the append to polygon tool.

To make a display I simply created a flat plane and moved them to make walls and made them white. render1.pngHere is the final image with the models I have created along with the other models created by my team


I have uploaded my ident to Youtube

My Ident was originally meant to have my name but spelt wrong with the letter O instead of the letter I. The correct letter would then drop in and squash the wrong letter. This idea then changed when I thought that it would be better if the O would instead be an actual eye, this then changed the whole idea which ended up like the one you see above.


Today we have been making Plaster-scene models of heads. I started by rolling a ball out and carved the holes for the eyes, I then rolled another couple of balls and carved out another hole in each for the pupils of the eyes.

Once the eyes were done I made the nose, this nose would start off as a normal nose but eventually ended up as something that looked a bit like squidward. This ment that the nose would hang over the mouth.

I the carved a hole out for the mouth and smoothed it out, I unfortunately didn’t get the rest of the mouth done.

The final model turned out like this…IMG_9932.JPG