Building Site

I have been working in a team to make a low-poly scene. I have been asked to make a few models for this scene…

Model Renders.pngI have created an office that are generally found on building sites. I created it by making a cube and extruding the edges of the shape to make an office looking cabin.

The next model I have created is a bin, I started with a cube and hollowed it out to make a bin.

I then created a porta-potty, I made this with a cube, I then beveled the edges to make them rounded and changed some of the faces to make it look like one.

To continue I was given the job of making a skip and some rocks. I made the skip by creating a cuboid and extruded the top face outwards. I then extruded the faces of some parts and created a rim around the bin of the objects, finally I dropped the middle out and created the final skip. To make the rocks I made two spheres and changed that amount of faces, I then extruded some of the faces and created two different rocks.

To finish off I was asked to make a cinder block. I started by having a cuboid and removed four different faces to leave two holes in the shape. I then created faces using the append to polygon tool.

To make a display I simply created a flat plane and moved them to make walls and made them white. render1.pngHere is the final image with the models I have created along with the other models created by my team


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