Show Your Class

I have been working a 3D individual game in Unity, this is what it looks like so far!Capture.PNG

So as you can see the scene I’ve made is quite unique other people have been making games and I’ve made a scene I spent a lot of time on the scene in college and out. The end goal is to add monsters and a survival aspect. Below is a gif to the character because of the screenshot you can’t see the actual animation of the character but he breathes and moves when Idle. Here is the gif;


There are multiple scripts within my scene that I’d like to show you and talk to you about some are about the character and some are about the terrain itself, so let’s get into it.


The script here is a 3rd person package imported I spent about an hour going through the scripts on Unity’s website to understand parts of it, i want to be able to understand more of this code so I can make the script myself instead of relying on unity for their packages.



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