Ident (WIP)

I have been given the task of making my own ident, I have been working on my own ident and have done some research.

The first thing that I have looked at is different idents’ that different TV networks have made, the main things I have looked at is the different idents’ from: sky, BBC and ITV. These have all helped make my final idea for my own ident.

My final idea is to have my name in the frame, there will a wrong letter in the name and will look wrong. The correct letter would then kick the wrong letter out the name and will make the name correct. Later I then decided that I would have the letter I kick a letter O out the name.

I then wrote out a synopsis for the animation, this gives a overall idea for the animation and tells people what will happen. After this was done I wrote a “treatment” for the ident, this is a list that tells me what will happen and in what order it will happen in.



Since beginning the project I have been working on the ident in Maya. I started off by making my name using the text tool in the program. I then moved the letter I away from the name to come in later




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