Space Ship Render

Today we have been working on the lighting and rendering for our ships.

We started with putting our lighting onto the ship, I mainly chose to have spotlights to show the front of the ship and had an area light behind the ship to show the back. I made sure the main parts of the ship were showing and looked at tship render.pnghe render for it. This is the render for the ship, I saved the render as a PNG file so the background wouldn’t show when putting into Pho
toshop for editing.

Once I had made the rendered image for the ship with the lights I then put it into Photoshop. In Photoshop I had to put the ship onto a space background. This lead me to go to Google images and look though different backgrounds. I had gone through a few different images for the background, these are the images that I found…

The first iearf.jpgmage that I found is a picture above earth, I thought that this would be a good fit for the ship as it has a lot of rust and looks like it had just launched from earth. The second picture that I picked looks like the ship is in deep space and is in the middle of nowhere. The last image looks like the ship is in another dimension, you can see everything above earth.
space.jpgspace 2.jpg






In the end I chose the second image that looked like it was deep space and the image turned out ship render final.pngpretty good…

I placed the rendered image of the ship over one of the background and changed some of the light and colour. I then used the blur and smudge tool to make the wings a little bigger and to make the ship blend into the background a lot better.

Overall I think that the final render of the ship looks very good with the ship looking like it fits the background. The main thing that I don’t like about the image is that the ship isn’t really my model and could really be done with my model. The colour of the ship could blend a little better than it does however the image still looks good as a final product.


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