light types

-light intensity is how bright the light is

-light colour is the colour of the light

-light linking is linking lots of light sources together to illuminate a specific surface

-cookies (light) are textures that but only the transparency is relevant

-Three point lighting  – key light is the main light, the fill light is to fill shadows created by key light and back light is used to separate objects from background.

-Directional light is a light which emits rays in the direction of the light

-Ambient light is the brightness of the whole scene

-point light emits lights in all directions, similar to a lightbulb

-The spotlight acts like an actual spotlight by shooting a narrow rnage of rays

-Area light creates light in a certain area

-Volume lightt allows other effects to be used as spotlights

-Depth maps Represents the distance from the light and the surface

-Ray traced shadows are shadows rendered where the light rays are calculated from their source

-Maya software renderer is the full MAYA program

-Mental ray renderer is the high volume HD rendering

-Arnold renderer is a modeling software plugin


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