Texture, what is it good for? (Absolutely Everything)

Today we have been working on out own textures for our ships. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to UV unwrap the ship which I have been making so I have had to use Matt’s ship via the shared student drive.

To start I got the UV map from the ship I had and moved it to Photoshop, I then pulledsome textures from http://www.textures.com/


The textures which I have chosen is a metal texture which is used for the main body of the ship. I have a rust texture which gives a different look compared to the general look. I have the cracked glass for the front windows around the cockpit of the ship and finally I have a plastic texture which is supposed to represent the lights within the wings of the ship.

This is what the ship looks like with the textures applied:
ship 2.PNG

There are things about this image which I like and there are things which I don’t like. The things I like about the final look of the model is that the textures have all fit together and looks very smooth. Another thing I like is that the rust texture on the metal looks very natural the extra pieces of rust I added to the texture looks very natural so you cant tell I have done this.

However there are some things which I don’t like about the model, the main thing is that it’s not my own model and is just something that I have had to get from someone else. Another thing I am not happy about is the plastic texture that I have chosen, I chose this as I couldn’t find a good LED texture, this makes certain parts of the ship look quite bad and makes them stick out to the rest of the model.


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