living la vive-a loca

I have just played my first experience of the VR and my view on VR gaming has changed drastically. I have been using the HTC Vive, it’s comfortable, responds to your movements vive.jpgwell and runs smoothly.


There are many different things that are good about the Vive but there are some specific things that are very good about this piece of kit. The headset itself is very comfortable when on the head and controls for the kit is very smooth and crisp.

The things that I don’t like about the Vive is that when looking through the games and scenes the bottom of the scene seems very blurred and needs focusing again. I can’t really compare this to another VR headset as I have never used one before.

Before this if you had told me about VR headsets and that they are the future I would disagree but now I think that this will be part of the future of gaming and will play a role in the development of future games.



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