City Explosion Concept

city .jpgToday we have been working on a concept for a city with an explosion, this allowed me to use many different tools within Photoshop to create different effects.

First of all I had to make a city scene within MAYA, i used the cube tool and made different buildings with the shape. I then saved the scene as a 2D image and imported it into Photoshop. I then created a texture by making different black rectangles and put them over the buildings to look like windows. Once this was done I cut the front of the image and changed the shade of the back buildings to look like a glow in the buildings.

I think that the city I have made is very good, the glow on the back buildings looks good as it looks like there’s a fire behind the front four buildings. Another thing that I think looks very good is the windows that I have made. These windows are the same texture but looks different depending on what buildings they are on.

There are things that I like on this image and there are things that I don’t really like with the image that could be improved on. The front buildings could have something done to them to make it look like there is a glow behind them. I actually need to make a glow in the center of the image to look like there is a fire. Another thing is the window texture, I could change this in some ways to make a variety in the image.





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