Robot Research

Image result for rick and morty robot

This is the butter passing robot from Rick and Morty, I like this robot as the design is basic enough so you can distinguish the different parts and what they are made of. For example you can tell that the main part at the top of the robot clearly looks like a camera.


Image result for cerberus bo3

This robot is the Cerberus killstreak from Black Ops 3, I like the look of this robot as it looks how it should be. You can tell that the robot is heavily armored from the look of the model and looks dangerous due to the miniguns that are attached to it. This could be used to influence the different weapons that could go onto the robot.


Image result for black ops 3 safeguard robot

This is the neutral robot in the safeguard game mode from Black Ops 3, this robot has a very good main body to it and could help me with the main  body to my robot.


Image result for bender

This is Bender from Futurama, what I like about this robot is that it made from basic shapes that can easily be changed. This shows that not everything has to be complicated when being designed and can just be made through basic shapes.

Image result for cyberman

This is a cyberman from Doctor Who. The thing I like about this robot is that they look like a normal robot but underneath they have loads of weapons, this shows that not all robots have to be showing their weapons and can hide them in the armor.


Image result

This is Clank from the video game Ratchet and Clank. I like this robot as it has more to meet the eye, rather than being the plain robot that he looks the developers made Clank have more features and be more than what he appears.


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