Boney Barry

I have been working on the Halloween scene I made last week, I have been given a basic platforming engine and had to start building the first level for a platforming game. To begin the left and right keys were swapped around and I had to fix this. keyboard.PNGTo fix this I had to change the parts of the code that said isRight and isLeft by swapping them around, this fixed both parts and the code was fixed.

To make the background I imported the scene I had made last week and changed it so some parts so the player wouldn’t colide with the background.

face_PNG5660.pngAfter working on this I altered the moon in the background, I changed the moon so it looked more rounded. This made the moon look like a crystal ball so I decided that I would make the moon have Vincent Vanghoul in it.

I then though the character looked a bit bare so I started work on the player, I made the player a skeleton and therefor the game was going to be called Boney Barry.


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