Today we have been working on our ships, I started a new ship and began with just a basic cube.Capture.PNG

I continued to add detail, however I only added the detail and work onto one side of the ship. This is because I would mirror this side.

I finished the ship for now and we reviewed each others ships, to improve my ship I was told I needed to have just one ship rather than the two and to smooth out more places rather than just on the wings. I could for example add smoothness to the front of the ship to make it look more curved rather than just a block.

Model complete (For now)

I have completed my model, to finish off making the 3D mesh for my spaceship I have rounded off the ships wings more. I did this by pulling out the edges on the wings to make the edges look more smooth. I then deleted the second ship by removing the faces and then mirrored the ship below to make it bigger than it was before. I did this by selecting mirror under the mesh tool option in Maya then selecting mirror to the Y axis on negative.


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