3D modeling

Today we have been working on our spaceship models. I have started by looking at different images, the ship I decided to work on was the landspeeder from Star Wars.QuirkyvehicleLandSpeederLARGE.jpg

I started by working on the base of the ship, this is the curved front and the details that are one the side of the vehicle. The next thing I will be working on is the engines, these will take up most of the back so I want to make sure I am making them before working on everything else. The final thing I will be working on is the seats and the control panel, this will be the most time consuming as I will have to make sure I can fit everything in the area that I have given myself.

When completing the model i will be working on the texture of the ship, this will mean that I will have to open Photoshop and make the textures that will fit the model in the end.


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