Today we have been working on making art in Adobe Animate, we made basic shapes and then created a self portrait using these shapes.


We started by making the first thing that we could think of in a short amount of time, I decided that I was going to make Dippers’ hat from Gravity Falls, I used three rectangles and altered them to make the shape of the hat.


We then started making different shapes by altering edges and changing borders. To make the first shape I added a square the corner of a circle and left this shape. To make the second shape I took a square and squashed the sides together to make a hourglass shape. To make the third shape I cut the top of a star off. To make the fourth shape I put a circle in the middle of a circle and to make the last two I altered a star and put a star in the middle of a square.

self portrait.png

To finish off today we made a self portrait by using all the tools we used today. I started by making a circle and worked from the, the hair is an altered rectangle and the mouth is just two lines.


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