Maze Game Finished

Today I have completed my maze game, this task required me to make my own assets and add my own music.

When I started making the game I was placing the walls of the maze individually making the whole process long and boring, however I decided that I was going to make the whole level maize wall and just delete all the pieces of walls that I won’t need to use. This made making my game a lot easier.

I added some music to the game, this music is called heavy metal farmer. I chose this music as it fits in with the theme of the game. The length of the music is 2:37, this means that the player should beat the levels by the time the song finishes but if they don’t then the song loops and starts from the beginning.

I have added some fence to the title of the game to give a more of a farm feel.

I have added some scarecrows to give more of a farm feel to the game, and finally I have added more maize to give more levels.
amazeing.pnglevel 1.pnglevel 2.pnglevel 3.pnglevel 4.pngretry.png


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