Maze Game (aMAZEing maze)

I have been working on a maze game over the past week, this has been based on a template made by our lecturer.

I started by making the title of the game, in the end I thought that I would make the title have something memorable in it. I decided that I would include a pun in the title and decided that I would call my game “aMAZEing”.

I added an animation to my character where the arms and legs move as you move around the game.

The next part of making my game would be the art of the game, I decided on what I would have the character be and made the character a marshmallow. I then decided that I would have the goal as some sort of fire; this would have the marshmallows goal to be roasted on a fire. The final thing was the walls of the maze, I decided that I would go for the classic corn maze and then found another name for the walls is maize.

In the final level I have hidden a secret passage to get to the fire which is hidden on the level, this will add the last level of challenge before the game finishes. I have changed the RETRY button to have art that

In the end the game is called the Amazing Maize Maze Game. This is due to the different elements of the game coming together in some sort of clever title.

I have been looking at the other maze games that have been made using the same engine and template, many of them had the basic levels still in there but some of the better seemed to have their own level designs and looked different to the levels that were pre-set. Many didn’t seem to have music and was only the game itself.



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